About us:
by Karen Livreri

My husband, Peter Livreri, owned Paradise Volkswagen where I was hired in October of 1999 by the recommendation of my mother who had already been employed there for 2 years. I started in sales- with my mom. I worked long 12 hour days with an hour long drive to and from work. I eventually started running the finance department. I loved helping people drive away in new cars when others couldn't help, and I loved watching the excitement of a first time buyer. I loved the challenge.  It was very rewarding, but at the same time, it was tiring. The long days left us no choice but to eat fast food. For 13 years. Every day. Sometimes 3 times a day! Our two youngest boys were practically made out of fast food, because that is almost all I ate at the time. They advertised it so well.They make you think it is healthy, or at least acceptable. The reality is, it isn't good for you at all.

Peter decided that 25 years in the car business was enough. We sold our business and were fortunate enough to stay home with our children. Together, we have 6 kids! Peter has a son and a daughter from a previous marriage, Peter Jr (25) & Elisa (22 & the only girl) and I have sons, Gage, (21) and Travis (20) from a previous marriage. Together we have two more sons, Alex (9) and Anthony (5). We have a 2.5 acre family 'ranch' where we have 1 horse, 6 dogs (cant help but to keep rescuing them!) a few chickens (for eggs, and yes, they get Organic feed!), 9 ducks, stray cats and several fish tanks!    

About 3 years ago, our then 6 year old son, Alex, was diagnosed with asthma after a 3 day coughing fit that landed him in the ER twice in the same weekend. The first visit was because of the nagging cough. He could hardly breathe. They sent him home. The second was when his esophagus was so raw from all that coughing and started to bleed. I walked in to check on him and my baby was throwing up blood! Back to the E.R. When we followed up with our pediatrician that Monday, she diagnosed him with having asthma. He was having a 3 day asthma attack! He was immediately put on a nebulizer. Watching him take the first few breaths as he finally relaxed with a look of relief on his face as he looked into my eyes broke my heart.  I always thought you were either born with asthma, or not, so I started reading- A LOT. I learned about GMO's. I was horrified by what we had been eating and the fact that they are not required to tell us what we are eating! We changed to an all organic diet immediately. Overnight, our son no longer needed the nebulizer, and we were happy to get him off of all pharmaceutical medications including steroids and inhalers. Then I started to lose weight (after 4 babies, I had an extra 25 pounds). The weight literally fell off of me. The weight loss was actually unstoppable. In fact, I have returned to my high school sized self. My husband lost 15 pounds almost immediately and  over the next few months, he lost more than he wanted to- and cant seem to put it back on! My mom lost 15 pounds as well and my father in law lost 33 pounds- so far! 

I didn't stop there. I wasn't satisfied with only curing my sons asthma with food and losing a few pounds. I kept reading and researching. I started to learn about cancer. Cancer WAS my biggest fear. I used to think about it day and night as friends and family were dropping like flies all around me. I found out that statistics show that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will develop some form of cancer at some point in their lives. I learned that cancer in children is at an all time high and climbing. I learned that an alkaline body cannot develop cancer and that many cancers (if not all) can be naturally healed with a high alkaline diet. I learned that the body is not sick because it has cancer, but that the body gets cancer because it was already sick! Cancer is merely a warning from your body to return it back to an alkaline state- or else. One of the fastest ways to do this, is to eat fruits and vegetables that are highly alkaline and low in sugar. What better way to get lots of vegetables and fruits into your diet than with a glass of fresh Organic juice? That's when the idea for juicy Juicy was born. But I did not act on it right away. 'Mom duties' got in the way. PTO, classroom mom, laundry, homework, horses, dogs, chickens, Anti GMO activist...you name it!

But I didn't stop there either. We continued to follow a very natural lifestyle. Implementing new changes weekly. It is hard do it all at once when you have kids, so we cut out the worst of the worst first. HFCS and GMO's were the first to go and that included fast foods, soda & sugar cereals. Then the dyes. Then the fried foods. And sure enough, my son who was struggling in school started doing better. Boys are not as wild when they aren't all hyped up on HFCS and dye! This was the hardest part and continues to be at times. I admit it. I am only human. There are Aunts, Grandparents, classroom parties, birthday parties, after game snacks and other situations you can't really control.

This is where it gets really good!
My father in law had Leukemia (CLL), and each visit at the oncologist was more promising than the last. Combining a healthy high alkaline diet and another cancer protocol together, my father in law who had Leukemia for almost 15 years was no longer considered a cancer patient. His oncologist was stunned. There he sat, cancer free. My Mission was accomplished! I cannot tell you the feeling I had knowing that it IS POSSIBLE to naturally cure yourself from cancer! (Of course this is always a very personal decision, this is the route that our family chose. I am not making recommendations, only sharing our own personal success.) This approach was a family decision because when one member of the family has cancer, it affects every member of the family. A clear understanding and full family support is what made it possible. Needless to say, I am no longer afraid of cancer. Not even remotely. 

All these positive changes in my families health filled my soul with a burning desire to educate others. I protested at anti GMO rallies, with my kids. I made phone calls in states that had GMO labeling on the bill to educate the voters. As a family, we plant bee friendly plants and flowers. I share fliers at my sons school for Moms Across America which is anti GMO group of moms. They work hard to educate the masses. The work they are doing is phenomenal and I am proud to be member. 

We believe that a healthy diet should be available to every member of the family. That is why we offer a kids menu that kids are sure to love, at a great price! 

Now, our family wants to share some of our favorite recipes and juices with you! 

We have done our very best to build a comfortable Organic Juice Bar with all the conveniences you would want during your breakfast or lunch break. We hope you will come in and have a seat at the bar and tell us how YOU are doing. We have WiFi for your phone or computer and a couple of TVs for your enjoyment. Juicy Juicy is family owned and operated, and we are looking forward to meeting your family too!

See you soon!

The Livreri Family,
Peter, Karen, 
Peter Jr., Elisa, 
Gage, Travis, 
Alex and Anthony.

Our son Alex taking a break on a hot day while protesting for our rights. His best friend Ashley to his left and our baby Anthony on the right.
Gage, Alex, Travis, Peter Jr., Peter Sr., Anthony, Elisa & Karen
Photograph By: Dana Sampson Photography

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