Some people call it a 'cleanse', some call it a 'fast' and others call it a 'detox'. No matter what you call it, it is an excellent way to give your body a much needed break from all the digesting our bodies do every day of our lives! A juice cleanse will flood the body with pure organic live nutrients allowing the liver to have time to focus on cleaning and repairing itself. It will give the stomach a break from hard to digest foods by resting and repairing the gut. Many people experience weight loss with a juice cleanse. This is normal. A pure juice fast allows the body to absorb vast amounts of nutrients in the most simple form possible- RAW. Just the way mother nature intended!

​You should seek your Dr.s approval before starting a juice fast.
​Tiredness, moodiness, anger, weakness, light headedness, insomnia, skin breakouts and irritability are some of the side effects during a juice fast. This is due to your body being able to let a lot of toxins go all at once. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids during your fast to help your body get rid of those toxins! 

Our juice cleanse program is personalized per individual. 
No two people are alike, we all have different needs and expectations!
We will customize your cleanse based on information provided to us by YOU!

$50.00 per day.
Six 16 ounce drinks for the day!
Breakfast juice
Lunch juice
Dinner juice

Our electrolytes are made in house and border on being true juices! 

By the end of your detox, you will have consumed about 45 POUNDS of vegetables!

"My first juice fast was tough, but I came through it feeling a lot better about myself. I maintained the will power needed to complete the fast. That in itself made me feel a great sense of pride. It was just the beginning of a whole new lifestyle. I realized it was not as hard as I thought, I changed my eating habits and in no time, my alkaline levels shot way up, my acne disappeared and my body returned to pre-baby shape!! If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!'' 
Karen Livreri